What are the characteristics of crescent locks?
The tooth lock (internal open window lock) is widely used in the aluminum alloy push-pull window.
The opening and closing of the push-pull window is the crescent lock.
It is called a crescent lock because of its shape and shape.
The crescent lock not only plays the role of opening and closing, but also ACTS as an anti-theft function to a certain extent.
The appearance of the crescent lock is usually spray paint, baking paint, spraying, electroplating and so on.
It is mostly white and aluminum.
There are various types of crescent locks.
The high quality crescent lock is in the hand to weigh the feeling;
The appearance is smoother without pitting;
The crescent lock can be rotated 180 degrees (some of which can rotate 360 degrees). It is flexible and easy to rotate. It has no sound and elasticity.
Flip to the back and observe that the good crescent locks are mostly spring structures.
The center is made of galvanizing material, not easy to rust;
From the thickness of the material observation, relatively thick.
Same size of inferior crescent lock phase modulation by hand is light, small, dark appearance, open is generally not very flexible, use for a long time, easily jammed and loose open. Closing and anti-theft performance greatly abate.
The pattern of crescent lock has long handle, short handle, inclined handle and so on.
Several important data of the crescent lock.
One is the height (the height is the distance from the base to the center of the crescent to about 5mm), and one is the width (the distance between the center line of the screw and the crescent).
Another is the distance from the center of the screw to the edge of the seat.
A good month tooth lock is to bring the security of door window also is a small ornament on door window.
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